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Compressive Sensing, Extensions, and Applications

During Spring 2013, the seminar is usually held every Tuesday from 2pm to 3pm in Korman 245.

April 16: Hard thresholding pursuit and variations: number of iterations (preprint)
was presented by Simon Foucart.
April 23: Accurate detection of moving targets via random sensor arrays and Kerdock codes (Thomas Strohmer and Haichao Wang)
was presented by Michael Minner.
April 30: Logarithmic barriers for sparse matrix cones (Martin Andersen, Joachim Dahl, Lieven Vandenberghe)
was presented by Hugo Woerdeman.
May 7: Ben Adcock (Purdue University) talked on
Breaking the coherence barrier in compressed sensing
May 14: Athina Petropulu (Rutgers University) talked on
MIMO radar using matrix completion ideas
May 21: Compressive sensing of analog signals using discrete prolate spheroidal sequences (Mark Davenport, Michael Wakin)
was presented by Jean-Luc Bouchot.
May 28: Simultaneously structured models with applications to sparse and low-rank matrices (Samet Oymak, Amin Jalali, Maryam Fazel, Yonina Eldar, Babak Hassibi)
was presented by Simon Foucart.
June 4: Global testing under sparse alternatives: ANOVA, multiple comparisons and the Higher Criticism (Ery Arias-Castro, Emmanuel Candès, Yaniv Plan)
was presented by Pawel Hitczenko.

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