Shari Moskow

Department of Mathematics
296 Korman
Drexel University

Home page:
Office: 296 Korman
Phone: (215) 895-2682

Professional Information

Position: Professor and Department Head of the Department of Mathematics at Drexel University.

Research Interests

partial differential equations and numerical analysis, including homogenization theory, numerical methods for problems with rough coefficients, and inverse problems.


(with M. Vogelius)
First order corrections to the eigenvalues of a periodic composite medium. The case of Neumann boundary conditions. previously accepted by Indiana Journal.
(with D. Ambrose, J. Gopalakrishnan and S. Rome ) Scattering of electromagnetic waves by thin high contrast dielectrics II: asymptotics of the electric field and a method for inversion. to appear, Commun. Math. Sci.
(with K. Kilgore and J. Schotland) Convergence of the Born and inverse Born series for electromagnetic scattering. to appear, Applicable Analysis.
(with T. Meklachi and J. Schotland) Resonances of small volume high contrast linear and nonlinear scatterers: asymptotic methods
(with J. Sifuentes) A preconditioning method for thin high contrast scattering structures.
(with F. Cakoni and I. Harris) The Imaging of Small Perturbations in an Anisotropic Media. submitted.