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I have been working to involve MATLAB in an ODE curriculum. The main goals are to give students tools for visualizing solutions of ODEs and for solving problems for which there is no hope of obtaining an explicit, or even implicit, representation of the solution.

I have been using MATLAB's cell mode (see here for an example) for writing the material. This has the advantage of producing nicely formatted reports combining both the underlying code and the important annotations for the code.

Examples of cell mode based MATLAB labs, along with PDFs of the output:

  • Plotting and Vectorization Lab [m][pdf]
  • Implicit Function Lab - Introduces using root finding to graph implicit representations of solutions to ODES [m][pdf]
  • Integrator Lab - Introduces using MATLAB's built in integrators for solving general first order ODEs [m][pdf]
  • Submission Template - The template m-file that students use for filling out the solutions to the exercises [m]
  • I welcome comments and suggestions on this material.

    In addition to my own material, I have also used IODE, developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This has some excellent exercises on direction fields and numerical methods.

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