Math 121 Ė Differential Calculus, Fall 2017

Instructor: Anatolii Grinshpan
Office hours: W 10-11 and F 11-1, Library Learning Terrace.

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Sept 25. Introduction to the course. The idea of a limit. 

Sept 26. One-sided approach. Calculation of limits. Example. Problems.

Sept 27. Calculation of limits. Example. Problems.

Sept 29. Quiz 1: 1.1, 1.2.


Oct†† 2.  Limit rules. Limits at infinity. Problems.

Oct†† 3.  Limits at infinity.

Oct†† 4.Continuity at a point. Problems.

Oct†† 6.Quiz 2: 1.3, 1.5. Notes on limits, part 1.


Oct9.†† No class (Columbus day).

Oct 10.Continuity. Trigonometric limits. Problems.

Oct 11.Trigonometric limits. Difference quotients.

Oct 13.Quiz 3: 1.5, 1.6. Notes on limits, part 2.


Oct 16.The slope of the tangent line. Problems. Questions.

Oct 17.The derivative function. Problems.

Oct 18.Properties and rules of differentiation. Problems.

Oct 20.Quiz 4: 2.2-2.4. 2014 midterm.


Oct 23. Midterm 1: version A,  version B. Trigonometric derivatives. Problems.

Oct 24. Chain rule. Example. Problems.

Oct 25. Example. Practice.

Oct 27. Quiz 5: 2.5, 2.6. Folium of Descartes.


Oct 30. Implicit differentiation. Implicit equations. Example. Problems.

Oct 31. The number e. Derivatives of logarithmic functions. Problems.

Nov1. Logarithmic differentiation. Example.

Nov3. Quiz 6: 3.1, 3.2. Derivatives of exponential functions.


Nov6.Derivatives of inverse functions. Problems.

Nov7.Related rates. Sliding ladder. Problems.

Nov8.Related rates.  Aircraft and observer.

Nov 10. Quiz 7: 3.3, 3.4. Spherical vial.


Nov 13. Local linear approximation. Problems.

Nov 14. Differentials.

Nov 15. Evaluation of indeterminacies. Examples. Problems.

Nov 17. Quiz 8: 3.5, 3.6. Area ratio. LíHŰpitalís book. 2014 midterm.


Nov 20. Midterm 2: version A, version B.

Nov 21. Analysis of functions. Critical points. Problems.

Nov 22. Thanksgiving break.

Nov 24. Thanksgiving break.


Nov 27. Analysis of functions. Points of local extremum. Inflections.

Nov 28. Analysis of functions. Examples. Problems.

Nov 29. Vertical tangents and cusps. Examples.

Dec†† 1. Quiz 9: 4.1-4.3. Points of absolute extremum. Problems.


Dec†† 4. Points of absolute extremum.

Dec†† 5. Optimization. Lord Kelvinís lecture. Problems.

Dec†† 6. Optimization.

Dec†† 8. Quiz 10: 4.4, 4.5. Old final exams: Fall 2015Fall 2010.


Dec 12. Final exam: version A, version B.