Math 122 - Calculus II, Winter 09

M--R 12-12:50, 311 Matheson, and 2-2:50, 301 Main.

Instructor: Anatolii Grinshpan
Office hours: M 4-6, W 4-5 Korman 247 or by appointment.

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Program Outline

Week 1.  Course overview. Antiderivative. Indefinite integral by substitution.


Week 2.  Riemann sums. Area as a limit. Definite integral.


Week 3.  The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Substitution in a definite integral.


Week 4.  Spring 08 test (answers). Winter 08 test. Topics overview.

Jan. 28.   Test 1: 8-8:50 AM, Disque 108. Test answers.

               Area between two curves. Calculation of volumes (disks and washers).

               Example from class. Plot.


Week 5. Areas and volumes. Work.


Week 6. Integration by parts.  Partial fractions.

              Sample (answers). Winter 08 test (answers). Topics review.

Feb 11.  Test 2: 8-8:50 AM, Disque 108. Test answers (plot).


Week 7. Partial fractions. Differential equations.

               Integrating factor. Separation of variables.


Week 8. Winter 08 test (answers). Sample 1 (answers). Sample 2 (answers). Topics review.

Feb 25.  Test 3: 8-8:50 AM, Disque 108.

              Trigonometric Integrals. Examples: trig. integrals via partial fractions.


Week 9. Trigonometric integrals. Improper integrals.


Week 10. Polar vs Cartesian. Parametric curves. Arc length and area in polar coordinates.

                Polar gallery. Animations. Winter 08 final (answers). Practice problems (answers).


March 17. Final Exam 8-10 A.M. (Main Auditorium). Topics overview. Answers.