Math 261 – Linear Algebra, Winter 2011


Instructor: Anatolii Grinshpan
Office hours:  MT 6-7, Korman 253, or by appointment.

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Jan 3. Introduction to the course.  Systems of linear equations.

          Elementary row operations.


Jan 4. Gaussian elimination. Row echelon form. Pivots, basic and free variables.

          Homework 1: due Tuesday, January 11.


Jan 10. Reduced echelon form (Gauss-Jordan elimination). Uniqueness.

            Linear combinations. Span. Vector equations.


Jan 11. Vector equations and matrix equations. Homogeneous systems.

            Homework 2: due Tuesday, January 18.


Jan 17. MLK day.


Jan 18. Homogeneous and inhomogeneous systems. The structure of solutions.

            Linear dependence and linear independence.

            Homework 3: due Tuesday, January 25.


Jan 24. Linear dependence and independence. Linear transformations.

             Additional reading: examples of applications.


Jan 25. The range of a linear transformation. The matrix of a linear transformation.

             One-to-one and onto.

             Homework 4: due Monday, January 31.


Jan 31. Discussion.


Feb 1. Midterm 1 (Chapter 1).

           Homework 5: none.


Feb 7. Exam discussion. Operations on matrices.


Feb 8. The inverse matrix. Elementary matrices.

           Homework 6: due Tuesday, February 15.


Feb 14. Invertible matrices. Examples.


Feb 15. Partitioned matrices. Triangular factorizations.

             Homework 7: due Tuesday, February 22.


Feb 21. The LU decomposition.


Feb 22. Subspaces. Dimension and rank.

             Homework 8: due Monday, February 28.


Feb 28. Discussion.


Mar 1. Midterm 2 (Chapter 2).

            Homework 9: none.


Mar 7. Exam discussion. Determinants.


Mar 8. Determinants. Cramer’s rule.

            Homework 10: due Monday, March 14.


Mar 14. Introduction to Matlab (Korman C-104).


Mar 15. Final Exam (Chapters 1-3, Section 4.1).