Math 262 – Differential Equations, Spring 2011


Instructor: Anatolii Grinshpan
Office hours:  MT 6-7, Korman 253, or by appointment.

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Mar 28. Introduction to the course.  First order equations. Slope fields.

Mar 29. Examples of integrating factors. Separation of variables. Radiocarbon dating.

             Homework 1: due April 5.


Apr 4.  More examples: exponential model, separation, integrating factors, domain of the solution, change of variables.


Apr 5.  Homework discussion. Lab: MATLAB tutorial, numerical derivative.

            Homework 2: due April 12.


Apr 11. A formula for integrating factors. Existence and uniqueness. Isoclines. Phase line.


Apr 12. Lab: isoclines and slope fields. John Polking’s dfield: MATLAB, JAVA.

             Homework 3: due April 19.


Apr 18. First-order linear equations: one-dimensional space of solutions.

             Population modeling. Mixture problems.


Apr 19. Euler’s method.

             Homework 4: due April 25.


Apr 25. Discussion.


Apr 26. Midterm 1 (lectures of March 28 – April 19).

             Homework 5: none.


May 2. Second-order differential equations. Differential operators.

            Linear homogeneous equations: two-dimensional space of solutions. Reduction of order.


May 3. Case of constant coefficients: characteristic roots (3 scenarios).

            Linear independence of functions.

            Homework 6: due May 10.


May 9. Fundamental pairs. Wronskian determinant. Abel’s theorem.


May 10. Nonreal characteristic roots. Simple harmonic oscillator.

              Homework 7: due May 17.


May 16.  Harmonic oscillator. The method of undetermined coefficients. Resonance.


May 17. The general solution of a nonhomogeneous equation. Superposition of forcing terms.

              Example. Homework 8: due May 23.


May 23. Discussion.


May 24. Midterm 2 (lectures of May 2 – May 17).

              Homework 9: none.


May 30. Memorial day.


May 31. Systems of linear equations with constant coefficients. Phase portrait. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

               Homework 10: due June 6 .


June 6. Systems of linear equations: classification of phase portraits. Examples.

             Purely imaginary eigenvalues. Phase portrait generator. John Polking’s pplane: MATLAB, JAVA.


June 7. Final exam 7-9 PM, Korman 247.