Math 301 – Numerical Analysis 2, Winter 2009

TR 3:30-4:50, Matheson 411.

Instructor: Anatolii Grinshpan
Office hours:  M 4-6, W 4-5 (Korman 247) or by appointment.

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Elementary Numerical Analysis (K. Atkinson and W. Han).

Numerical Computing with MATLAB (C. Moler).


Jan 6. Introduction to the course. Order and rate. Splines.

          An example: spline, graph.


Jan 8. Natural cubic spline: construction, minimization property.

          A & H notes: 4.3.


Jan 13. Complete cubic spline. Variants for boundary conditions.

            Quadratic splines. Numerical integration.

            A & H notes: 5.1. Homework 1, due January 20.


Jan 15. Numerical integration. Riemann sums.

            A & H notes: 5.2.


Jan 20. Matlab  and homework discussion.

            Examples: overflow and underflow, infinite loop, noise, loss of accuracy.

            Homework 1 codes: linear spline, quadratic spline, natural cubic, complete cubic, joint plot.

            Week 1  answers. Spline plot.  Homework 2, due January 27.                  


Jan 22. Quiz (numerical integration). Periodic integrands. Euler-Maclaurin formula.

             A & H notes: 5.2.


Jan 27. Gaussian quadrature.

            A & H notes: 5.3.

            Week 2 answers. Homework 3, due February 3. Sample test (answers, plot).


Jan 29. Matlab examples:  asymptotic error constant, complete spline error, oscillatory error pattern.


Feb 3.  Midterm 1 (lectures of Jan. 6 - 29). Answers. Plots: 1, 3.


Feb 5.  Midterm discussion. Numerical derivatives via interpolation. Error bound.

            Week 3 answers. Plot.


Feb 10. Numerical derivatives via undetermined coefficients. Sensitivity to function values.

             A & H notes: 5.4. Homework 4, due February 17/19.


Feb 12. Quiz (numerical differentiation). Systems of linear equations. Gaussian elimination.


Feb 17. Gaussian elimination, partial pivoting, backward substitution.

             A & H notes: 6.3. Homework 5, due February 24.


Feb 19. Quiz (Gaussian elimination). LU decomposition.

             Homework answers. A & H notes: 6.4.


Feb 24. Cholesky decomposition (additional notes). Error analysis.

             Homework answers. A & H notes: 6.5. Homework 6, due March 3.


Feb 26. Vector and matrix norms. Conditioning of a system.

             Matlab examples: numerical derivative, LU and Cholesky, matrix inversion, sparsity plot.

             Sample test (answers). Answers to exercises.


Mar 3.  Midterm 2 (lectures of  Feb. 5 - 26).


Mar 5. Midterm discussion. Iterative methods for solving linear systems (Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, SOR).

            Richardson extrapolation. A & H notes: 6.6. Extra: Conjugate Gradient method.


Mar 10. Examples of  the Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel, and SOR methods. Multivariable Newton’s method.

              Euler’s method for solving ODE. A & H notes: 7.3, 8.2. Exercises, last set.


Mar 12. Euler’s method: forward, backward, and integral forms. Error estimate.

              Applications to PDE: discretization of the heat equation.

              A & H notes: 9.1, 9.2.


Mar 19. Office hours: 12-1+. Answers to exercises. Review.


Mar 20. Final Exam, 3:30-5:30 P.M., Matheson 405. Answers.