Math 322 – Complex Analysis, Spring 2017

Instructor: Anatolii Grinshpan
Office hours:  Mon 2-4 and Wed 2-3, Learning Terrace.

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Apr  3.  Introduction. The field of complex numbers.  Conjugation.

Apr  5.  Geometry of complex numbers. Subsets of C. Stereographic projection, Riemann sphere.

Reading: Chapter 1. Homework 1.


Apr 10. Mappings of C. Complex differentiability. Cauchy-Riemann equations. Physical interpretation.

Apr 12. Conformality. Harmonic functions. Lines and circles. Möbius transformations.

Reading: Chapters 2, 3. Homework 2.


Apr 17. Möbius transformations: mapping properties. Example.

Apr 19. Elementary complex functions.

Reading: Chapters 3, 4. Homework 3.


Apr 24. Logarithms, roots, and powers. Notes.

Apr 26. Midterm1: Chapters 1-4. Optional homework.


May 1. Sequences and series. Sequences and series of functions. Uniform convergence.

May 3. Power series. Example. Disk of  convergence. Differentiation. Example.

Reading: Chapter 5. Homework 4.


May   8.  Properties of power series. Cauchy-Hadamard formula.

May 10.  Complex integration. Example.

Reading: Chapters 5, 6. Homework 5.


May 15. Interpretation of complex integration. Cauchy’s theorem for a triangle.

May 17. Cauchy’s theorem for a convex region. Cauchy’s formula for a circle. Cauchy integral.

Reading: Chapter 7. Homework 6.


May 22. Liouville’s theorem. Zeros. Identity principle. Maximum principle. Schwarz’s lemma.

May 24. Midterm 2: Chapters 5-7.


May 29. Memorial day.

May 31. Morera’s theorem. Local mapping. Automorphisms of the unit disk.

Reading: Chapter 7. Homework 7. Osserman’s paper.


June  5.  Cauchy’s formula for an annulus. Laurent series. Isolated singularities. Residues.

June  7.  Casorati-Weierstrass theorem. Residue theorem. Conclusion of the course.

Reading: Chapter 8.


June 13. Final exam: 1-3PM, Curtis 456.