Math 2144 - Calculus I

MTWR 10:30-12:10, room 422 MS

Instructor: Anatolii Grinshpan
Current office hours: 12:15-1:00 pm M-R or by appointment, 406 MS

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Program Outline

June 5   Review. Course overview. The limit of a function.
June 6   The limit of a function. Examples. Computation of limits.
June 7   Computation of limits. Infinite limits. Squeeze theorem.
June 8   Continuity. Continuity from the left and from the right. Computation of limits.

June 12  Composition. Continuity of the composition. Intermediate value theorem.
June 13  Examples. Tangent lines. Rates of change. The derivative of a function.
June 14  The derivative of a function. Rules of differentiation.
June 15  Techniques of differentiation.

June 19  Derivatives of trigonometric functions.
June 20  The chain rule.
June 21  Implicit differentiation.
June 22  Review.

June 26  Exam I. Answers.
June 27  Related rates. Derivatives of order 2 and higher.
June 28  Linear approximation to a function. Differentials.
June 29  Maximum and minimum values. The Mean Value Theorem.

July 3  Curve sketching.
July 4  No class.
July 5  Examples of optimization.
July 6  Review.

July 10  Exam II. Answers.
July 11  Newton's method. Antiderivatives of a function.
July 12  The definite integral.
July 13  The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

July 17  Indefinite integrals.
July 18  The substitution rule.
July 19  Areas between curves.
July 20  Review.

July 24  Exam III. Answers.
July 25  Volumes. Work. Average value of a function.
July 26  Review.
July 27  Final Examination.