Moise - A Topology Package for Maple


A Topology Package for Maple

Moise is a collection of Maple functions for doing calculations in combinatorial topology. I started it in 1989 on an IBM PC in Gbasic. Now it exists as a Maple worksheet. Currently Moise can compute homology groups and perform some operations with simplicial complexes. Moise is not designed to be an optimal way to do these calculations, but it can do some things that would be painful for a human to compute.

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    I've added products and this version works with Maple 10. This worksheet is pretty well commented, and it will walk you through the procedures and explain how to use them.

  • Download Moise-1.0.mws
    This is the original, for Sun Sparc Solaris, 2.3, Maple V release 4.

    Edwin Evariste Moise (1918-1998) was a topologist, best known for his proofs of the triangulation theorem and the Hauptvermutang for topological 3-manifolds.

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