Second Drexel Waves Workshop

Second Drexel Waves Workshop

March 30-31, 2023

Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Invited Speakers:

Margaret Beck (Boston University), Timothy Faver (Kennesaw State University), Roy Goodman (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Susanna Haziot (Brown University), Gabriela Jaramillo (University of Houston), Vincent Martinez (Hunter College, City University of New York), Anna Mazzucato (Pennsylvania State University), Cecilia Mondaini (Drexel University), Katie Oliveras (Seattle University), Robert Pego (Carnegie Mellon University), Olga Trichtchenko (Western University), Anna Vainchtein (University of Pittsburgh), C. Eugene Wayne (Boston University), Jon Wilkening (University of California at Berkeley), J. Douglas Wright (Drexel University).

Poster Session

There will be a poster session/reception on the evening of Thursday, March 30.

Talk locations

The workshop will be held in the Leonard Pearlstein Business Learning Center, located at the intersection of Market St. and 33rd St. on Drexel University's campus. Lectures will be held in Pearlstein 101 while the poster session and reception will be held in the building's lobby.

Schedule of Talks

Thursday9:30-10:10Pego Two short stories on dynamics in infinite dimensions Pearlstein 101
10:15-10:55Beck Determining spectral stability via the Maslov index and conjugate pointsPearlstein 101
11:00-11:40Jaramillo Analysis and simulation of a nonlocal one-dimensional Gray-Scott modelPearlstein 101
1:15-1:55Trichtchenko Travelling wave solutions to nonlinear dispersive equations describing water waves Pearlstein 101
2:00-2:40Martinez Parameter estimation in nonlinear PDEs Pearlstein 101
2:45-3:25Mondaini Long-time statistics of SPDEs: mixing and numerical approximationPearlstein 101
4:05-4:45Haziot Global bifurcation for corotating vortex pairsPearlstein 101
4:50-5:30Wayne Breathers and the implicit function theorem Pearlstein 101
6:00Poster session and reception Pearlstein Lobby
Friday9:30-10:10Vainchtein Transition fronts and their universality classes Pearlstein 101
10:15-10:55Faver Mass and spring dimer FPUT nanopterons with exponentially small, nonvanishing ripples Pearlstein 101
11:00-11:40 Goodman New insights into the leapfrogging vortex problem Pearlstein 101
1:15-1:55Oliveras Nonlocal formulations, inverse problems and conservation laws for water wavesPearlstein 101
2:00-2:40Wright A simple model for radiating solitary wavesPearlstein 101
3:25-4:05Wilkening Spatially quasi-periodic bifurcations from periodic traveling water waves Pearlstein 101
4:10-4:50Mazzucato Global existence for the 2D Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation Pearlstein 101

Organizers: David Ambrose (Drexel University), J. Douglas Wright (Drexel University).
Inquiries can be directed to
The organizers gratefully acknowledge support for this workshop from the National Science Foundation through grant DMS-2247694.
Participants who require help securing childcare or possibly other family care so that they may engage with the workshop should inquire with the organizers as to available resources.