Dimitri Papadopoulos

Drexel University
Department of Mathematics


Math 121: Calculus 1 covers functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, trancendental functions, and applications.

Math 122: Calculus 2 covers functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, trancendental functions, and applications.

Math 200: Multivariable calculus covers functions, limits and continuity, derivatives, trancendental functions, and applications.

Math and Politics: How can math help make us better-informed citizens? In this course, we will respond to that question by looking at the mathematics underlying many political and social issues. These include topics like social choice, voting, gerrymandering, polarization, and motivated numeracy. We will deepen our understanding of each topic by examining a variety of possible mathematical analyses, as well as the topic's history and relevance in modern politics. Each week, we will work together to experiment with these analyses, compare results, and discuss implications. In doing so, we will challenge our existing assumptions and biases, learn new ways of thinking about politics, and (I hope) have a great time doing it!

Music and Mathematics: In this course, we are going look at music through the lens of mathematics. We’ll begin with some preliminaries related to basic acoustics before moving on to a historical look at the tuning systems used to build instruments over the centuries and millennia. Then we’ll look at the music theories of different cultures, using math as the translating bridge between different musical languages. Finally, we’ll put all of this knowledge together using some fun software to create music and sound designs of our own.

Functions and Modeling: Part of the Dragons Teach Program, this course invites students to dig deeply into the big concepts from high school mathematics.

Proof, Justification, & Argumentation: In this course we will examine and compare the forms that proof, justification, and argumentation take in a variety of contexts, including mathematics, the sciences, the social sciences, law, and others. The goal of this comparative exploration is to broaden our understanding of these mechanisms and improve our ability to assess and construct arguments in our respective fields of study and interest.


Calculus: I am slowly putting all of my calculus materials together in one large online textbook. I'll make it available in PDF form here as well. You'll find that the exercises are embedded throughout the book, rather than being lumped together at the end of each section. I hope that you'll work through these exercises as you read through the text in order to reinforce the main concepts and problem-solving strategies covered in each section.

All of my lecture notes are included in a single PDF file here

Math & Music: This is a work in progress containging all of my math & music materials in an online texbook format. I'll be adding more chapters over the next few months.

About Me

I'm a full time teaching professor in the Department of Mathematics at Drexel University.

I have taught a variety of courses over the years, including Calculus I-IV, discrete mathematics, and probability.

My research is in mathematics education, specifically proof-writing.


Email: dp399 (at) drexel (dot) edu

Office: Korman 224