Math 122

Calculus 2

Lecture Notes

Area as Limit
Definite Integral
Indefinite Integral - Worksheet - Solutions
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Integration by Substitution
Substitution with Definite Integrals
Volumes by Slicing
Length of a Plane Curve
Work Worksheet
Integration by Parts
Integration by Partial Fractions
Separation of Variables
Improper Integrals
Integrating Trig Functions
Trigonometric Substitution or as a PDF
Parametric Curves
Primer on Polar Curves
(courtesy of Greg Naber)

Polar Curves
Tangent Lines, Arc Length, and Area for Polar Curves

Practice Problems

Area as a Limit - Answers
Definite Integral - Answers
Indefinite Integrals - Answers
Fundamental Theorem of Calculus - Answers
Integration by Substitution - Answers
Substitution with Definite Integrals - Answers
Area Between Two Curves - Answers
Volumes by Slicing - Answers
Length of a Plane Curve - Answers
Work - Answers
Integration by Parts - Answers
Partial Fractions - Hints - Answers
Improper Integrals - Answers
Separation of Variables - Answers
Integrating Trig Functions - Answers
Trigonometric Substitution - Answers
Parametric Equations - Answers
Polar Coordinates - Answers
Polar Coordinates Cont - Answers


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Separation of Variables and Improper Integrals | Solutions
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Here's the syllabus for this term.

Paul Dawkins' Online Notes are an incredible resource that function as an interactive online textbook. These notes are available as textbooks to download in PDF format. I highly suggest using these in addition to my lecture notes and any other resources you find useful. Our calculus II course begins at the end of his Calculus I book and continues into his Calculus II book - you should be able to identify the appropriate sections by their titles.

Some students have found useful to watch short calculus tutorials online to either get a preview of what is going to be covered in class or to review the material after the lecture. A popular source is Khan Academy (link).