J. Douglas Wright
Associate Professor/Associate Department Head
Department of Mathematics
Drexel University

Curriculum Vitae
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The National Science Foundation has generously funded my research with the following grants:
  1. J. Wright (PI). "Wave propagation in heterogeneous nonlinear dispersive systems"
    NSF DMS- 1511488. 9/15-8/18.
  2. J. Wright (PI). "Degenerate dispersive effects in partial and lattice differential equations"
    NSF DMS-1105635. 9/11-8/15.
  3. R. Hicks (PI) & J. Wright (Co-PI). "Distributions for optical design"
    NSF DMS-0908299. 7/09-6/13.
  4. J. Wright (PI). "Dynamics and interactions of free fluid interfaces"
    NSF DMS-0807738. 9/08-8/12.