Schedule, Fall 2019:

Thursday, October 10th, (2:30PM, Korman 245)
Stokes waves in a constant vorticity flow
Vera Hur, UIUC

Thursday, October 17th, (2:30PM, Korman 245)
Organized Biological Behavior Resulting from Slowly-Varying Randomness
James MacLaurin, NJIT

Thursday, October 24th, (2:30PM, Korman 245)
Fourth moment theorem on Poisson chaos
Guangqu Zheng, University of Kansas

Thursday, November 3rd, (3:00PM, Korman 245)
Sharp time asymptotics for the quasi-geostrophic equation and near plane waves of reaction-diffusion models
Fazel Hadadifard, Drexel University

Thursday, November 21st, (3:00PM, Korman 245)
Mixing for Hamiltonian Monte Carlo in infinite dimensions
Cecelia Mondaini, Drexel

Schedule, Winter 2020:

Thursday, January 30th, (2:00PM, Korman 245)
Mathematical Modeling of Phytoplankton Distributions in Freshwater Ecosystems
Thomas Stojsavljevic, Drexel

Schedule, Spring 2020:

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The seminar meets in Korman Center 245, unless otherwise noted.

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J. Douglas Wright
Department of Mathematics
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Organizing Committee: David Ambrose, Shari Moskow, Doug Wright, Gideon Simpson