Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2016
July 25 - August 5, 2016

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Main courses will be taught by

Nawaf Bou-Rabee
Rutgers University - Camden

Nestor Guillen
University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Jonathan Mattingly
Duke University

Andrea Nahmod
University of Massachusetts-Amherst

David Nualart
University of Kansas

Hendrik Weber
University of Warwick

Other speakers for tutorials
and lectures are

Liliana Borcea
University of Michigan

Georgi Mevedev
Drexel University

Kui Ren
University of Texas
at Austin

Gideon Simpson
Drexel University

Xiaoming Song
Drexel University

Vlad Vicol

Princeton University

J. Douglas Wright
Drexel University


Students will be housed in Drexel residence halls. The accommodations are traditional dorm rooms. Each room has two beds.

The address of the residence hall is (A local map is here):
Towers Hall
101 N 34th St (34th and Arch)
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Front Desk Phone: 215-571-3028

Check-in: 9AM-9PM on Sunday, July 24th.
***If your travel plans have you arriving after 9PM on Sunday, July 24th, please let the local organizers know as soon as possible so we can make arrangements to get you into the residence hall.***

The check-in process:
1. Drexel staff will ask guests for government-issued photo ID. (For international participants, this means your passport.)

2. Drexel staff will provide you with a conference booklet which includes information about the campus - residence hall policies, campus map, use of amenities & services, internet use, and important
phone numbers.  The conference booklet also includes the room key as well as an ID that will grant access to respective residence hall only.   The ID card must be scanned at the front door to enter the
building and must be handed to the front desk staff (for a second scan) to get past the turnstile. The ID card will also be loaded with your pre-paid meal plans. Both the ID card and the key must be returned in the booklet upon check out (there is an express check out envelope/form on the back of the conference booklet).   Charges will be applied for keys and IDs not returned.

3. All guests are required to sign the Guest Housing Agreement inorder to stay in Drexel housing. To speed up the check-in process, you may complete the agreement ahead of time and bring it with you on your move-in date. It is attached to an email you previously received.

You will receive at check-in an ID card that work in the dining commons. This commons is called "The Urban Eatery" and is denoted on the map. Lunch, breakfast and dinner are all taken care of. However, you meal plan starts on Monday morning, July 25th. You will be on your own for meals on Sunday, July 24th.
Golub map