Analysis Seminar         (2010-12, 2007-10)



Winter 2024   Fridays 12-1, Korman 245


  Reading seminar: A Course in Operator Theory, by John Conway


Mar 8

Jurij Volčič (Drexel)

Representations of C*-algebras

Mar 1

Abdellah Islam (Drexel)

Ideals in a C*-algebra

Feb 23

Sarah Gift (Drexel)

Approximate identities

Feb 16

Ramesh Garimella (Drexel)

Positive elements in a C*-algebra (continued)

Feb 9

Ramesh Garimella (Drexel)

Positive elements in a C*-algebra

Feb 2

Matt Ziemke (Drexel)

Abelian C*-algebras and the Functional Calculus

Jan 26

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Introduction to C*-algebras: preliminaries

Jan 19





Fall 2023   Fridays 12-1, Korman 245    


Nov 17

Georgi Medvedev (Drexel)

Galerkin approximation of a nonlocal diffusion equation on Euclidean and fractal domains

Nov 10

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Obrechkoff’s inequality

Nov 3

Jurij Volčič (Drexel)

A perturbative Positivstellensatz for nonnegative polynomials

Oct 27

James Pascoe (Drexel)

Matrix convex verbatim enumeration functions are graphical (continued)

Oct 20

James Pascoe (Drexel)

Matrix convex verbatim enumeration functions are graphical

Oct 13

Eilidh McKemmie (Rutgers)

Galois groups of random additive polynomials

Oct 6

Jurij Volčič (Drexel)

Self-testing: from quantum information theory to multivariate operator theory

Sept 29

Prateek Vishwakarma (U of Regina, Canada)

Inequalities for totally nonnegative matrices: Gantmacher--Krein, Karlin, and Laplace




Spring 2023   Fridays 12-1, Korman 245    


June 2

Austin Jacobs (U of Florida)

The geometry of inconvenience and perverse equilibria in trade networks

May 26

Sarah Gift (Drexel)

Real Factorization of Positive Semidefinite Matrix Polynomials

May 19

Jurij  Volčič (Drexel)

State polynomials: positivity and applications

May 12

Yaqi Zhang (Drexel)

Spark of a graph and minimum number of distinct eigenvalues of tree

May 5

Jeffrey Zhang (Carnegie Mellon)

On Local Minima of Cubic Polynomials

Apr 28

Thomas Yu (Drexel)

The Exact Line-Search Gradient Descent Method and Polynomial Optimization Problems




Winter 2023   Fridays 12-1, Korman 245    


Reading seminar: Geometry of Linear Matrix Inequalities, by T. Netzer and D. Plaumann


Mar 10

Hugo Woerdeman

Lasserre-Parrilo relaxation

Mar 3

Hugo Woerdeman

Spectrahedral shadows

Feb 24

Anatolii Grinshpan

Free spectrahedra

Feb 17

Anatolii Grinshpan

Derivative cones

Feb 10

Jurij Volcic

Hyperbolic polynomials from graphs

Feb 3

James Pascoe

Hyperbolic curves and the Helton-Vinnikov theorem

Jan 27

Sarah Gift

Hyperbolic polynomials, definite representations, and interlacing

Jan 20

Matthew Ziemke

Properties of spectrahedra

Jan 13

Abdellah Islam





Fall 2022   Fridays 2-3, Korman 245    



Dec 2

Jakob Moosbauer (JKU, Austria)

Flip Graphs for Matrix Multiplication (over zoom)

Nov 18

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Singularity of zero/one matrices

Nov 11

Omesh Dwivedi (Drexel)

Jacobi-Trudi Determinants in Finite Fields

Nov 4

Yaqi Zhang (Drexel)

Cops and Robber Game in Zero Forcing

Oct 28

Ramesh Garimella (U Central Arkansas)

On the Spectrum of the Absolute Norm Attaining Positive Operators

Oct 21

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

On the Gau-Wang-Wu conjecture (start time 2:05 PM)

Oct 14

James Pascoe (Drexel)

Germination phenomena in several complex variables

Oct 7

Hein van der Holst (Georgia State)

The Strong Maximum Nullity of Directed Graphs

Sept 30

Jurij Volcic (Drexel)

Free Bertini’s theorem and isospectral noncommutative polynomials




2021 - 2022   Fridays 2-3, Korman 245      



May 20

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Three proofs of the Benedetto-Fickus theorem (after Mixon, et al)

May 13

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Isospectrality and matrices with concentric circular higher rank numerical ranges

Apr 29

Yaqi Zhang (Drexel)

Upper bounds for positive semidefinite zero forcing propagation time

Apr 22

Alejandra Maestripieri (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Indefinite least squares with a quadratic constraint

Apr 1

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Factorization of singular matrix polynomials and matrices with circular higher rank numerical ranges.







2019 - 2020   Fridays Thursdays 2-3, Korman 245


Mar 6

Kennett Dela Rosa (Drexel)

Star-shapedness in matrix analysis.

Feb 21

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Error Bounds and Singularity Degree in Semidefinite Programming.

Dec 5

Thomas Yu (Drexel)

The gradient descent method is cursed by ill-conditioning only in dimension 3 and higher.

Nov 21

Ross Griebenow (Vertex Labs)

Continued fractions and the irrationality measure of π.

Nov 14

Edward Poon (Embry-Riddle)

Unitary orbit preservers.

Oct 31

Joshua Jackson (Drexel)

Determinantal representation of bivariate polynomials.

Oct 24

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

A semilinear system with positivity conditions

(after Conca, Gormaz, and Martin).


2018 - 2019    Mondays 2-3, Korman 245 



June 3


Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Fourier coefficients of spectral density functions.

May 20

Matthew Ziemke (Drexel)

An Elementary Construction of the GKSL Master Equation for N-level Open Quantum Systems.


May 13


Joshua Jackson (Drexel)

A Determinantal Representation for Bivariate Polynomials whose Bezoutians admit a Canonical Factorization.


May 6


Thomas Yu (Drexel)

Analysis of P-recurrence: a dynamical system point of view.

April 29


Kennett Dela Rosa (Drexel)

Location of Ritz values in the numerical range of normal matrices.

April 8


Stephen Melczer (Penn)

Asymptotics of multivariate generating functions.

April 1


Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)


About Flint Hills (after M. Alekseyev).


2017 - 2018    Fridays 1-2, Academic 302  


Jun 13

Thomas Yu (Drexel)

More tractable alternatives to sum of squares and semidefinite optimization (after Ahmadi & Majumdar). (Wed 3-4)

Jun 8


Joshua Jackson (Drexel)

Realizations and polynomials in two variables.

Jun 1


Kennett Dela Rosa (Drexel)


Ritz values of normal matrices.

May 30

Harm Bart (Erasmus U)

Vanishing vector-valued logarithmic residues and unusual Cantor sets. (Colloquium: Wed 3-4)



May 25

Benjamin Grossman (Drexel)

The cyclic rank completion problem with regular blocks.


Apr 2

Nahum Zobin (William and Mary)

Sobolev extension domains.

Apr 13

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

 A problem of Steinitz.

Mar  9

Matthew Ziemke (Drexel)

Semigroups on B(H) having an invariant faithful normal state.


Feb 23

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Maximum determinant positive definite Toeplitz completions.





Dec 8


Tamara Kolda (Sandia National Labs)

Tensor decomposition: a mathematical tool for data analysis and compression.

Nov 3

Benjamin Grossman (Drexel)

On the preservers of reversible maps.




Oct 20

Joshua Jackson (Drexel)

On factorization, indices and completely decomposable matrix polynomials (after Gohberg, Lerer, and Rodman).

Oct 6

Thomas Yu (Drexel)

A uniqueness proof of Willmore minimizer with prescribed isoperimetric ratio: the magic of holomorphic function, holonomic function, and the agony of positive recurrence.


2016 - 2017      Fridays 12-1, Korman 245   


May 19

Georgi Medvedev (Drexel)

The Mean Field Limit of the Kuramoto Model on Random Graphs.

May 12

Jianxin Chen (U Maryland)

Quantum algorithm for multivariate polynomial interpolation.

May 5

Tim Faver (Drexel)

Traveling waves in mass and spring dimer FPUT  lattices.

Apr 28

Ben Grossman (Drexel)

Fractional minimal rank.

Apr 21

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Complete spectral sets and numerical range.

Apr 14

Soumyashant Nayak (U Penn)

Determinant Theory in Finite Factors and Extensions of Hadamard's Inequality

Feb 10

Matthew Ziemke (Drexel)

Quantum Markov semigroups and their generators.

Feb  3

Leonard Stevenson (Drexel)

Generation of NC functions.

Jan 27

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Spencer’s ``six standard deviations” theorem.

Dec 2


Joe Erickson (Drexel)

Zeros of Linear Combinations of Partial Sums of the Exponential Function II.



Nov 18

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Volumes of projections of parallelotopes.



Nov 11

Lechao Xiao (U Penn)

Sharp estimates for some multilinear oscillatory integrals.






Oct 28

Joe Erickson (Drexel)


Zeros of Linear Combinations of Partial Sums of the Exponential Function I.



Oct  21


Leonard Stevenson (Drexel)

Antiderivatives of First-Order NC Functions, Part II



Oct  14

Leonard Stevenson (Drexel)

Antiderivatives of First-Order NC Functions, Part I



Sept 30

Patrick Waters (Temple)

Universality of the Stochastic Bessel Operator.




2015 - 2016        Fridays 2-3,  Korman 245              


May 20

Timothy Faver (Drexel)

Periodic Traveling Waves in Diatomic FPUT Lattices.

May 13

Jonah Blasiak (Drexel)

The Rule of Three for commutation relations.

Apr 15

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

On sphere packing in Rn.

Apr  8

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

On mapping theorems for numerical range (after Klaja et al).

Mar  4

Thomas Yu (Drexel)

Optimal Transport Theory and Isoperimetric Problems.

Feb  19

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Hilberts third problem.

Feb  12

Robert Boyer (Drexel)

Root Dilogarithms.

Feb  5

Charles Burnette (Drexel)

Abelian Squares and Their Progenies (continued).

Jan 29

Charles Burnette (Drexel)

Abelian Squares and Their Progenies (continued).

Jan 22

Chung Wong (Drexel)

Abelian Squares and Their Progenies.

Jan 15

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Khinchins inequality.

Jan 8

David Kimsey (U Newcastle)

Moment problems on RN .

Dec 4

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Proof of Andersons paving conjecture (continued).

Nov 20

Ben Grossman (Drexel)

On the quantum chromatic number of a graph (after Cameron et al).

Nov 13    

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Proof of Andersons paving conjecture (continued).

Nov 6

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Proof of Andersons paving conjecture (continued).

Oct 30   

 Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Proof of Andersons paving conjecture (after Marcus, Spielman & Srivastava).

Oct 23

 Charles Burnette (Drexel)

Periods of Iterated Rational Functions over a Finite Field.

Oct 16

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Real-zero polynomials.

Oct 9

Pawel Hitczenko (Drexel)

Recurrences for generating polynomials and their probabilistic consequences.



2014 - 2015        Fridays 3-4,  Korman 245               



June 1

Joseph Ball (Virginia Tech)

Interpolation and Transfer Function Realization for the Non-Commutative Schur-Agler (colloquium)

May 29

Per Alexandersson (U Penn)

Banded Toeplitz matrices and linear recurrences.

May 22

Jean-Luc Bouchot (RWTH Aachen)

A multi-level compressed sensing Petrov--Galerkin method for the approximation of parametric PDEs.

May  8

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Of Ball and cube.

Apr 24

Gulnara Abduvalieva (Drexel)

Implicit/inverse function theorems on the set of nilpotent matrices.

Apr 17

Amanda Parshall (Drexel)

The asymptotic distribution of parameters in random weighted staircase tableaux.

Apr 10

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Ritz values of normal matrices and Cevas theorem 

(after Carden & Hansen).

Mar 13

Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi (Drexel)

Contractive determinantal representations of stable polynomials.

Feb 27

Charles Burnette (Drexel)

Representing Random Permutations as a Product of Two Involutions.

Dec  5

Ben Grossman (Drexel)

Generalized Choi Maps in Three-Dimensional Matrix Algebra 

(after Cho, Kye & Lee).

Nov 21

Anatolii Grinshpan (Drexel)

Herbert Stahls proof of the BMV conjecture (after Eremenko).

Nov 14

Gulnara Abduvalieva (Drexel)

Implicit/inverse function theorems for free noncommutative functions.

Nov  7

Lei Cao (Drexel)

Horns problem, Vinnikov curves, and interpretations of hives.

Oct 31

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Graces theorem.

Oct 24

Robert Boyer (Drexel)

Inequalities for Square Roots of Dilogarithms.

Oct 17

Simon Foucart (U of Georgia)

Two extra structures in sparse recovery: nonnegativity and disjointedness.



2013 - 2014           Fridays 3-4, Korman 245   



Apr 18

Lei Cao (Drexel)

A normal variation of the problem of A. Horn: the rank 1 case, and the inverse spectral problems for Jacobi and quasi-Jacobi matrices.

Apr 4

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

Moment problems: one variable vs two variables.


Feb 28

Hugo Woerdeman (Drexel)

A stabilization theorem for Hermitian forms and applications to holomorphic mappings (after Catlin & DAngelo)

Feb 21

Daniel Parry (Drexel)

A One-Page Proof of Dyson's Crank Distribution Conjecture.

Feb 14

Zhongyuang Li (U. Cambridge)

Critical parameters of lattice models. (colloquium)


Feb 7

Ahmad Sabra (Temple)

Reflector problem and the inverse-square law.

Jan 31

Ting Zhou (MIT)

On transformation-optics based invisibility. (colloquium)

Jan 22

Nester Guillen (UCLA)

Free boundaries in random domains. (colloquium)

Jan 15

Scott McCullough (U. Florida)

Free convex analysis and semialgebraic geometry. (colloquium)


Nov 22

Seva Joukhovitski

Option pricing and volatility at extreme strikes.

Nov 15

Anatolii Grinshpan

Determinantal representation of stable polynomials with real coefficients.

Nov 8

Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi

Long-resolvent representations of rational Cayley inner Herglotz-Agler functions (continued).

Nov 1

Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi

Long-resolvent representations of rational Cayley inner Herglotz-Agler functions.

Oct 25

Hugo Woerdeman

The Schwarz lemma and the Schur-Agler class (continued).

Oct 18  

Andrey Melnikov

A generalization of the inverse scattering for linear differential equations.

Oct 11

Hugo Woerdeman

The Schwarz lemma and the Schur-Agler class.

Oct 4

Patrick Clarke

Splines and their Moduli.



2012 - 2013    Fridays 3-4, Korman 245      



June 7

Jingmin Chen

Curvature Integrability of Loop Surfaces.


May 31

Ilya Spitkovsky

On some properties of the field of values generating function.



May 24

Yuri Maistrenko

Chimera states for repulsively coupled phase oscillators.


May 17

Pawel Hitczenko

Weighted random staircase tableaux, asymmetric exclusion process,

and generalized Eulerian polynomials.



May 10

Alan Edelman

Random matrices, numerical computation, and applications. 2PM, Paul Peck Alumni Center.


May 3

Valerie Girardin

Escort Distributions Minimizing the Kullback-Leibler Divergence for a Large Deviations  Principle and  Tests of Entropy Level.



Apr 26

Claude Brezinski

Michela Redivo-Zaglia

The life and the work of Andre Louis Cholesky. 2PM

Pade-type rational and barycentric interpolation. 3PM



Apr 19

Anatolii Grinshpan

Determinants of  zero/one matrices.


Apr 12

Hugo Woerdeman

Bivariate real-zero polynomials.



Mar 1

Andrey Melnikov

Proof of  existence of a local solution of a KdV equation on the line with analytic initial potential.


Feb 22

Ron Perline

A dynamical approach to finding static equilibria.


Feb 15

Marek Swoboda

Definition of health.


Feb 8

Gideon Simpson

Numerical Analysis of Parallel Replica Dynamics.


Feb 1

Andrey Melnikov

Solution of the Boussinesq equation using evolutionary vessels.


Jan 25

Brandan Farrell

From Classical Random Matrix Theory to Discrete Uncertainty Principles.


Jan 18

Luke Oeding

Relations among principal minors.


Dec 7

Jim Haglund

The monotone column permanent theorem.

Nov 30

Thomas Yu

Willmore conjecture and the Canham-Helfrich Model.

Nov 16

David Scheinker

Functions of several complex variables and determinantal representations.

Nov 9

Ryan Wasson

The normal defect for some classes of matrices.

Nov 2

Daniel Parry

On the Roots of the Plane Partition Polynomials.

Oct 26

Nikolai Vasilevski

Two-dimensional singular integral operators via poly-Bergman spaces,

and Toeplitz operators with peudodifferential symbols.

Oct 19

Andrey Melnikov

Construction of a Sturm-Liouville vessel using Gelfand-Levitan theory.

Solution of the Korteweg-de Vries equation on the half-line.

Oct 12

Gulnara Abduvalieva

Fixed-point theorems for noncommutative functions.

Oct 5

Hugo Woerdeman

Norm-constrained determinantal representations of multivariable polynomials.